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Robust, Reliable Claims Accounting

The CaseworksPro transaction model can support even the most demanding claims processing needs. You can use the reserve worksheet feature to setup reserves quickly. Transactions are based on the accounting period with self reducing reserves. This enables CaseworksPro to accurately perform historical "As At" reporting. Payments are linked to a secure check payment module. You can add multiple bank accounts, and customize transaction types.

Easily Track Claim Activity

The Activity Tracker in CaseworksPro allows you and your associates to quickly record activity on claims. Activity types are fully customizable. Client invoices can be generated using time and expense details recorded in the Activity Tracker. Activities can be linked to the built in Task Manager to make sure important follow-ups are not missed.

Secure Document Manager

Keeping track of claims related emails, picture files, text documents and even videos has never been easier. Attach almost any document type to a claim and have it stored on a secure web server. Searching for and retrieving documents is just as easy.

Reporting and Visualization

CaseworksPro comes with a set of reports that will allow you to track losses at the program level, by insured or by individual claim file. The Visualization feature gives you an to easy understand graphical picture of loss development over time at the program or claim level. You can also download claims data in Microsoft Excel, or XML format for your in-house data analysis projects and to meet Carrier data reporting requirements.

User Permissions and Workflow Engine

You can select the permissions that users have in the system. You can choose to grant "Read Only" access to users. You can also choose which programs users have access to and if they have permission to issue checks. Reserve and Payment authority can be set at the user level. Define workflow rules and have the system auto-create and assign tasks.

Customize CaseworksPro

CaseworksPro was built with customization in mind. Add as many new data capture fields as you like. Define your own transaction types, activity types, form letters and insured loss locations.